France reviews its laws on bioethics

Every 7 years, France has to review its laws on bioethics. The laws were last reviewed in 2011 so this year the law is due to be reviewed and so a debate has been raging in France since January: as this is France the controversies have, of course, turned into yet another national crisis. People from every background and discipline are engaged in a war of words in what we call the”Etats-Généraux,” in reference to our beloved revolution.

Nonetheless we donor conceived people believe that our country has never been so close to changing the rules about anonymity of donors. Most of our intellectuals and politicians now seem to be in favour of a system like the UK and with the developments in other European countries, France becomes more isolated every year. These facts weigh greatly on our progressive and Europe friendly president, Emmanuel Macron.

This summer France’s high bioethical council must issue a very important report on all subjects including access to the origins of donor conceived people in both the future and retrospectively. It is crucial that the outline of the future law must be discussed by parliament by the end of 2018.

Vincent Brès, président de l’association PMAnonyme