Spain – Asociación de Hjxs de Donantes

The goals of Asociación de Hjxs de Donantes:

  • Abolition of the anonymity of both eggs and sperm donors.
  • Defend the human rights of those born via gamete donations
  • Promote awareness-raising and the debate about the use of assisted reproduction methods in Spain
  • Bring the reality of the collective born via donations to light
  • Encourage the dialogue between all the actors involved in the assisted reproduction methods: medicine professionals, recipient families, donors, investors…
  • Represent our collective’s interests before institutions and political groups.

So far, to reach these goals, we have founded AHID: Asociación de Hjxs de Donantes. While we are still young, we have already had several media appearances that have allowed us to raise awareness, so that we can finally change the laws that directly affect us and the search of our identity.

If you wish to contact us, do not hesitate to do so via: