NYT article on serial sperm donors

The New York Times recently published an article by Jacqueline Mroz on serial sperm donors in the New York Times: “The Case of the Serial Sperm Donor- One man, hundreds of children and a burning question: Why?

The article names several private sperm donors who seem to have fathered respectively more than 100 children. One of them, Mr. Meijer from the Netherlands, additionally registered as a sperm donor at several clinics, also internationally. Stichting Donorkind estimates that the number of his children could run to several hundred. Most recipient parents were not aware of his multiple international donations and that their children would be put in the situation of having several hundred half siblings.

The article cites Ties van der Meer of Stichting Donorkind and Christina Motejl of Spenderkinder, both also active for Donor Offspring Europe, both expressing concern about the lack of regulatory and legislative bodies for the international fertility industry land the state of mind of serial sperm donors.