Documentary “Les enfants du secret”

Arte currently features the documentary “Les enfants du secret” about the situation of donor conceived persons in France. The director Rémi Delescluse is donor conceived himself and takes the viewers along on his search for his genetic father. In France, donor conceived persons are not allowed to receive any information about their genetic father. On his journey, Rémi interviews several doctors who created the system, donors and meets other donor conceived persons (amongst them many members of PMA). He also accompanies several members of PMA who finally find their genetic relatives with the help of commercial DNA tests (which many donor conceived persons use nowadays successfully in their search). It is a beautiful and touching documentary and we hope that it will deepen the sympathy and understanding for the demands and wishes of donor conceived persons in France and Europe.

The movie is available in French and in a dubbed German version and can be viewed on Arte’s website until 6 September 2019.