Stichting donorkind starts online campaign to register at DNA databank

Stichting Donorkind, the organization of donor conceived persons from the Netherlands, is starting an online-campaign with two clips. One to call on donors to register at the DNA-databank from Fiom and one doing the same for donor conceived persons.

The English Translation of the spoken text is:
In the 80’s I helped parents with their wish for a child. Then anonymous donorship was normal. Because it was long ago I didn’t think about it any more.  Then I saw a tv-show and realized that it can be very important to know who their donor is.  I decided to give up my anonymity and register at the Fiom DNA-databank.  Untill now there are two matches, two biological daughters. I helped their parents, then why not the children.  Help too, register at Fiom and visit Donorkind on their webpage of facebook.

Inspired by the campaign, a TV network will air a show with a donor and his daughters in January to tell about the good experiences to meet his donor-children. Also, Spoorloos, a dutch TV-show that searches for lost family members, will feature the search of a group of donor conceived half siblings who think their donor (who is also known) fathered up to 200 children.