Websites of our members

Asociación de Hijxs de Donante – (Spain) currently only on Twitter and Instagram

Association Procréation Médicalement Anonyme (France)

Donorbøns Vilkår – (Denmark)

Donorkinderen (Belgium)

DUIN (Norway)

Spenderkinder (Germany)

Spenderkinder (Switzerland, German-speaking)

Stichting Donorkind (The Netherlands)

Sur terre via donneur – (Switzerland, french-speaking)

International websites of donor conceived advocacy groups and support groups

U.S. Donor Conceived Council

Donor conceived Alliance of Canada

We are donor conceived – a large support group on facebook for donor conceived persons only

DNA Tests

We recommend doing as many tests as possible. We know donor conceived persons who have found one sibling on each test. Most companies offer special promotions around holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Father’s Day.

Ancestry – currently the largest DNA database with more than 15 million participants dedicated at finding siblings and other relatives.

23andme – another large database which is specialised in genetic health reports. Accordingly, many members are more interested in health related genetic reports than finding relatives and use pseudonyms.

FTDNA – Family Finder and is available for 79 USD. The German offspring organisation Spenderkinder uses this test to search for siblings.

My Heritage DNA – an Israeli DNA database which also offers over 9 billion historical records.

GedMatch – a free analysis platform where you can upload the raw data of other dna tests for free


Donorchildren – a free registry for donor conceived where you can connect with other donor conceived persons and share information. It is run by Matt, a donor conceived person from the US. – registry run by a donor offspring mother, membership is $75 annually, claims to have more than 40,000 members but many members may be inactive due to expired memberships

Amfor – free public billboard with more than 2.000 entries but minimal functionality

Blogs by donor offspring

Anonymous Us Project – a story collection of donor conceived and others involved in donor conception

Confessions of a Cryokid donor’ conceived woman from the US

Donated Generation donor’ conceived man from Australia

Daughter of a Donor donor conceived woman from the UK – donor conceived woman from Switzerland

Stork Unmasked donor conceived woman from Quebec written in French

Donor Conceived Perspectives: Voices from the Offspring – 12 ‘donor’ conceived from around the globe

Offspring Girl

Who do you think you are? – donor conceived woman from Australia – who recently passed away)

Child of a Stranger (‘donor’ conceived woman from the US)

My Father’s Daughter donor conceived woman from the US

Connect It

Journey Into the Bubble  donor conceived woman from the UK – who passed away a few years ago

I am the product of surrogacy – a traditional surrogate conceived woman from the US

Donor conceived or just a child

Searching for my sperm donor father

A Japanese donor conceived blog (written in Japanese)

Son of a Surrogate experience of an offspring of surrogacy