Donor conceived from all over the world unite at the United Nations in November

This year the Convention on the Rights of the Child will have its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this the UN in Geneva is opening her doors to the general public, inviting them to events where topics concerning rights, welfare and best interests of children are going to be discussed.

Stephanie Raeymaekers, a Belgian donor conceived and member of DOE was asked to put a presentation at one of the workshops together. With the help of the Australian researcher Sonia Allan, she reached out to others asking for their contribution as participation.

For the first time in history donor conceived from all over the world will unite and are going to address some of the issues they have to endure due to fact their human rights haven’t been recognised or aknowlegded yet. Among them donor conceived who already made a difference in their own country but also are advocating for international changes so that next generations won’t have to deal with same injustices.

Nationalities present: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium.

If you want to attend the workshop please register before the 11th of November through You must register for an INDIGO account first, then go back to original link, and then select register. Our session is on Tuesday 19 November at 11 a.m., Room XXI, Workshop: Children’s Rights in the Age of Biotechnology.