The Netherlands – Stichting Donorkind

Stichting Donorkind is the Dutch initiative for donor conceived in the Netherlands. Volunteers are mostly donor conceived and donor’s (there are also some parents and partners of donor conceived).

Stichting Donorkind

  • aims to collect and share information with media, researchers and policy-makers in order to secure the needs of donorconceived and if possible those of donors and parents.
  • organizes meetings for donor conceived.
  • Informs parents who consider or raise a donor conceived child.
  • Keeps contacts and lobby with different organizations; Ministry of Health, Stichting Donorgegevens, FIOM, and several organizations for parents.

Goals of Stichting Donorkind are:

  • All people are able to know their biological family.
  • All parents and donor conceived will talk about the way of conceiving on an early age en will keep discussing this.
  • All donor conceived can be open about their origin to everyone.

In the current legal situation there are some demands to reach these goals:

  • Registration in the DNA databank should not cost anything, this should be payed by the clinics.
  • Clinics or the Ministry of Health should organize an active campaign to reach old donors to ask them to register in the DNA databank.
  • All children should have a birth-certificate which is both biological and social accurate. Also medical dossiers should state the donor.
  • Preferably it would be mandatory for parents to tell their children about their origin.
  • Family law should state clear rights and responsibilities for all biological and social parents. And also families who conceived abroad would have to follow these laws.