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Ireland about to ban anonymous sperm donations

The Irish government plans to ban anonymous sperm donation under new draft legislation. The Children and Family Relationships Bill will require clinics and hospitals from early next year to provide details of donors and children to a national donor-conceived person register.

According to Irish Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald: “The key issue is to enable a child to know his or her identity. As a result anonymous donation will be prohibited,” the justice minister added.

Donor Offspring Europe welcomes the Irish government’s decision to respect and protect the rights of donor conceived persons and hopes that other European countries that still allow anonymous donations will follow.

Donor Offspring Europe is online!

We are proud to announce that our webpage is finally online, although there is still some work left to do. It has been a long way: Our organisations have been in contact with each other for over ten months, presenting our work and discussing the situation of donor conceived persons in our countries.

Now, we are happy to get in contact with the outside world and are looking forward to fulfilling our aims: lobbying for the rights of donor offspring and promoting contact amongst donor offspring. Hopefully, we are going to welcome some more donor conceived organisations during the upcoming years. There are still too many countries within the European Union where our voice is not present yet.