Belgium – Donorkind vzw

Donorkind vzw is a Belgian association that represents and protects the interests of donor offspring born in Belgium. The association was founded in December 2012, and formally registered as a non-profit organization (vzw) in March 2013. The current board consists of Jacinta Agten (chairman), Leen Bastiaansen (secretary), and Anke Wesenbeek (treasurer). In August 2014, Donorkind vzw has 58 official members, including donor offspring, donors, and (future) parents.

The main aims of Donorkind vzw are:

  1. To grant donor offspring their fundamental right to know their genetic ancestry. We try to achieve this through political lobby, in which we make the following demands:
    – A legal ban on donor anonymity, which is still standard practice in Belgium;
    – A national donor register, in order to preserve all information necessary for donor offspring to find their donors, as well as to ensure that the number of donations per donor does not exceed the legal limit. This register needs to be managed by an independent authority;
    – A DNA-database to facilitate the search for relatives for those born via anonymous donation. This database could be managed by the same independent authority. In case of a match, any contact between relatives should be facilitated by a professional counsellor. Also, by subscribing to the database, donors who donated before 2007 should get legal protection.
  2. To raise public awareness about donor conception, in particular the possible consequences for the offspring.
    We try to achieve this by offering information through our website, newsletters and Facebook page, and by communicating our message through various national media. We also contribute to research projects of both students and professionals, (co-)organize lectures about the topic, and collaborate on an educational program to sensitize high school students to donor conception.
  3. To promote well-being of donor offspring and their families.
    We try to achieve this by offering support and advice via e-mail to those who contact us directly. In case we are unable to help, we try to refer to the right services. We also promote contact and mutual support among donor offspring, and we lobby for specialized psychosocial care for donor offspring and their families.

More information can be found on our website or can be requested via